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About V-TUF



V-TÜF is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Cleaning Equipment, manufactured and distributed globally.


V-TUF Industrial Cleaning Equipment deliver unsurpassed value and unmatched flexibility, changing the way people clean.

V-TUF® is a Fenco Group Brand, therefore, the exceptional customer service, quality & performance of our products and the determined, customer-centric innovation is underpinned by the Fenco Group’s global corporate foundation.

We have an extensive range of products, and are continuously expanding and refining our innovative range to surpass the expectations of our customers.


To continuously improve Performance and Reliability, Increase Efficiency, reduce down time and labour cost through Innovation.
·         Listen to the customers voice – always! 
·         Find a better way – continuously! 
·         Pursue success – relentlessly! 
·         Keep it simple, Keep it tough – V-TÜF!


V-TÜF equipment is designed and manufactured in with an accumulation of 50 years worth of engineering experience and operator feedback.

With the combination of this 50 years worth of knowledge and experience and the addition of quality staff training.

V-TÜF are able to provide their customer base with top quality equipment and the efficient back up support that they require to complete their demanding daily tasks.



V-TÜF have proved that the performance and reliablility of your equipment is the key to the effectiveness and efficiency of your workforce. 'V-TÜF gets the job done!'




                   ECOFECTIV, OUR PARTNER                    


ECOFECTIV is an environmental policy founded in 1990 as a way to put a stop the processes of producing products that are causing harm to the environment..

ECOFECTIV analyse the product, and processes involved in making the product, and work with the manufacturer to change the production methods, to bring them in line with the ECOFECTIV standards.

The ECOFECTIV standards are as follows:

·    Reduce waste by 99%

·    Reduce emissions by 99%

·    Always use recycled material for the packaging of the goods

·    All companies involved in the supply chain to have a clear ecofectiv environmental policy

·    All products to use 99% less energy



The benefits of V-TUF Ecofectiv Engines are as follows:

·    Increased Fuel Efficiency – cost saving

·    Low Carbon emissions – LOW CARBON TECHNOLOGY - environmentally friendly – complies with European EPA Phase III emission regulations

·    More power with less emissions

·    Quieter running

·    Diesel engines – auto decompression – ease of starting

·    Diesel engines- cold start feature – ease of starting in cold weather

·    Proven reliability – currently known as one of the most reliable engines on the market

·    Cost effective spares availability

·    Good looking engines with quality components

·    All lubricated with V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE  - decreased friction = decreased wear and increased power and longer lasting engines.

·    Engines set at optimum running speed for decreased wear, increased power and longer lasting engines

·    Strong, efficient, simple to service engines